Qwater is phasing out of this specialized water product line due to the continuing quick rising costs of 316SS material and local labour content to manufacture; this has over many months now had the effect of making these units un-commercially viable for us against other less quality imported valves.



We are pleased to advise that you can still get this excellent Australian manufactured product now direct from our Quality Engineering Partner in Brisbane.

If you would like any product information or better still best competitive pricing and/or availability, this can all be obtained by contacting the sales department at:

AWE - Australian Water Engineers Pty Ltd

18 Hansells Parade

Riverview Qld 4303

+61 (0)7 3282 0230

Email: – info@aweng.com.au

Web: – www.aweng.com.au


Thank you to all our loyal customers over many years for your continued support and interest in this specialized product; it has been a privilidge to serve you all and make each of your special projects a strong reality.



A Groundwater Pressure Relief Valve is also commonly known as a Hydrostatic Pressure Relief Valve.

The Australian Water Engineers (AWE) groundwater pressure relief valve (GWPRV) is Australian designed and engineered from quality 316 SS stainless steel machined components and includes a high density PVC socket for years of trouble free operation.

The Australian Water Engineers (AWE) groundwater pressure relief floor mount valve can easily be fitted into place and made flush with the concrete tank floor height providing a smooth and trip free surface. A bonus when ongoing maintenance personnel and equipment are operating in these confined spaces on a regular basis.

AWE floor mount PRV valve sizes include:

  • NB100  (dia) (4")  -  Pt# PRVF10

  • NB150  (dia) (6")  -  Pt# PRVF15


The Australian Water Engineers (AWE) groundwater pressure relief sidewall mounted valve can also be easily fitted into place and would usually be better installed at a slight upward angle of approx 5-10deg for added positive sealing. The valve is required to be installed partially away from the vertical sidewall surface allowing for the positive sealing over-centre hinge design.

AWE sidewall mount PRV valve sizes include:

  • NB150  (dia) (6")  -  Pt# PRVS15


In-ground tanks, collection sumps, swimming pools;......... just about any in-ground tank arrangement can be subjected to large up-swelling groundwater pressure, due to a rapidly rising water table situation brought about by heavy rainfall or high tides etc. - all this water pressure dynamics trying to push the in-ground tank upwards to the surface.

An in-ground tank installation is usually at its most vulnerable point, when the liquid volume inside the in-ground tank is at its lowest level, making the tank light and offering little resistance to the water pressure dynamics taking place below the surface. A situation that always occurs at the least unexpected moment!



Answer....Dynamic downward and sideway liquid forces at work inside the in-ground tank ensures a positive and secure seal of the groundwater pressure relief valve's two mating surfaces via the use of "O" rings; however when conditions of extreme upwards or sideways water pressure is exerted on the outer parts of the in-ground tank, then the positive seal is broken and allows the excessive outer-tank water pressure to be directed to the inside of the in-ground tank and then the pressure relief valve reseals after the pressures have equalized.


If you have old worn out groundwater pressure relief valves already in place; these too can be easily updated with the AWE - SS/PVC (GWPRV) valves. Simply remove the old valves from their tank floor or sidewall position and select a new AWE PRV valve size that is appropriate for your application and re-grout into place.

Install their specially engineered Groundwater Pressure Relief Valve (GWPRV) when pouring your next concrete in-ground tank sump to get great performance and peace of mind on your project.

Whether your project requires a quantity of x1 or x50+........let the performance at Australian Water Engineers (AWE) deliver the groundwater pressure relief result you need.

Best products - Best performance - Best price.
Give AWE sales staff a call and let them "handle all the pressure for you"
Please note........The groundwater pressure relief valves have been specifically designed for either a horizontal in-ground tank floor installation or vertical side wall installation ..... the correct selection and installation of your PRV valve is necessary for best results.

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