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Oily water separation is achieved successfully by coalescing plate separators (CPS) when all coalescing plates are clean and serviceable. The CPS system relies on large clean surface areas for the microscopic oil particles to adhere and coalesce; the oil comes together on the underside of the oleophilic plates forming larger buoyant droplets of oil that then float to the surface for skimming and collecting to a waste oil facility for responsible recycling.


Definitions   - oleophilic – “having a strong affinity for oils rather than water”.

                     - influent water – “input waste water stream”.

                     - effluent water – “discharge waste water stream”.


Q water uses and recommends the use of Facet “Mpak”® oleophilic plates which have the largest surface area available in the industry and all with a small compact footprint. The Facet “Mpak”® series of plates can handle and remove high levels of free suspended oil/hydrocarbons (mg/L) (ppm) from the influent water stream and also handle levels of moderate suspended solids for a cleaner effluent water discharge that will beat any of its competitors. The specially designed “Mpak”® plates have sharp angle surfaces that allows accumulated solids to fall swiftly to the bottom of the separator (CPS) whilst special large weep oil holes rapidly funnel the coalesced oil to the surface for a cleaner through put of the influent water stream.

Your current onsite oily water separator may be tired or cloggs over quickly due to its design and is not able to keep up with the stricter government guidelines and compliance requirements that are now part of everyday industry standards.

In most cases Q water can design and advise engineering solutions to upgrade your old and non-compliant coalescing plate separator installation for a better performance output. Using the world’s best recognised Facet “Mpak”® as the “heart” of our solution, you will be amazed how more efficient your current system can be.

There are many, many systems in the market place today that need their plate pak’s replaced. Let Q water provide you with the engineering knowledge and best possible price to assemble and supply the drop in replacement solutions you can rely upon.

At Q water we will build you the replacement pak or solution that fits your current system and budget.

Whether your system already uses the great Facet “Mpak”® or the Q water “W” plate pak system, or you have an alternative CPS system fitted with other branded and less efficient coalescing plates, then give us a call at Q water and find out how we can achieve the best results you need.

Q water and Facet are your team.……….that will get the “dirty” job done!

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