• 1 ½”(38mm) BSP Male - HDF Series - Blue - (Orifice Sizes - 25mm-18mm-10mm)
  • 3/4” (19mm) BSP Male - MINI Series - Red - (Orifice Sizes - 13mm-11mm-9mm-7mm)
  • 3/8” (10mm) BSP Male - MICRO Series - Yellow - (Orifice Sizes - 9mm-7mm-5mm-3mm)




Q water’s range of outstanding Flood Nozzles, come in a large variety of sizes and flows.

Each nozzle is manufactured by a precision injected moulding process in tough and durable HDPE (high density polyethylene) material for excellent reliability and wear durability.

All Q water’s Flood Nozzles utilizes a wide angle flat fan of 120deg to achieve a broad coverage spray pattern to deliver the washing water flows at the precise point of delivery required.

The Heavy Duty Flood (HDF) series of nozzles are Q water’s largest volume flow of nozzle in this style and is ideally suited to handle the mining industry wet vibrating screen washing and general ore washing processes; in-fact where ever you need a lot of water delivered quickly, then the Heavy Duty Flood Nozzle (HDF) will be you first choice every time.

If you need more modest flows of sufficient water  volume for your processing needs, then look no further than the Mini Flood Nozzles (MFN); these nozzles have a place on your finer screening applications where they can be installed on a vibrating screen deck spray bar system and angled to tumble the material clean and ready for grading/sorting.

Using the Micro Flood Nozzles (MRC) for maxmimum effect with reduced water usage is where these nozzle work best. Belt cooling, belt washing and dust suppression are only a few examples where these smaller flow nozzles can be utilized.

When you have site and project requirements such as;

  • Washing-Iron Ore-Coal-Quarry Rocks
  • Dust Suppression
  • Slime Build-up 
  • Belt Cooling
  • Belt Cleaning
  • Froth Knockdown

Then always consider with certainty the Q water’s Flood Nozzle Range for any of these various tasks and more. You will be smiling while you do so!


  • Large and Small Water Flows
  • Minimal Water Blockages
  • Operating Pressure 1- 4bar (15-60psi)
  • Maximum Pressure 4.0bar (60psi)
  • HDPE Tough Material
  • Precision Injection Moulded Nozzles
  • Quality Styling and Performance
  • Easy Re-Order by – Size & Colour


Q water's -  FLOOD NOZZLE series are hard to beat on performance quality and price, so if you need advice on selection for your project at hand then give the Q water sales team a call to discuss the right flood nozzle for your application.

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